Obstacles Arishadvargas – The Yoga Way to Bliss

At age 54, I have traveled the yogi path for 30 years now and I can tell you from my own experience that this is the path to Heaven on Earth!  I want to share it with everyone.  If fact, I recently attended a book talk by the author of The All or Nothing Marriage.  He concluded that the answer is a rich inner life!  The inner life…that’s it!!!  It is absolutely vital that everyone have a daily personal practice.

There are obstacles to this Heaven on Earth and they are known as the arishadvargas.  They are lust (kama), anger (krodha), greed (lobha), attachment (mocha), pride (made), and jealousy (mastery).  In addition to these Patanjali list 14 other obstacles but for now I will focus on these. The list of obstacles is nearly a perfect description of what it means to be human.  Only by facing these destructive tendencies will the yoga student  gain access to the spiritual heart.

Sometimes we are too proud to say we are sorry admit our mistakes or look like fools. Being truly strong has nothing to do with what we can or cannot do physically.  True strength has to do with how much you are willing to open your heart.

Jealousy is a disease of the spirit and has to do with low self-esteem.  Negativity comes from  lack of self-worth.

I encourage you to cultivate an attitude of JOY!  Let go of whatever is secretly eating at your heart.  Bring joy to the world!!!lisa's blog