Entering Shunya – The Void and my new Etsy Site

I am so excited to launch my new Etsy site for Heaven Meets Earth Yoga where you can purchase all our cool, groovy, nurturing spiritual gifts for yourself, your home and your friends.

Follow me on Instagram at lisayogamom where I will be posting lots of the items on my Etsy site

I just heard Dr. Emeran Mayer, author of The Mind-Gut Connection speak last night.  He basically said stress is bad for us.  That Gut relations are real and that you should listen to your gut reactions.  This is the feminine energy pathway of intuition.  It is not linear or logical or based on fact.

He recommended eating foods that illicit serotonin or the calming hormone like nuts, chocolate, etc.  Thats why us girls love chocolate!

Go to shunya often or zero.  This is the space between the inhale and the exhale where the universe dwells.  Many blessings of love and light to you.