Renaissance Woman – Creativity, Look and Really See

Carole gave me this a few years ago!
“Don’t Be Afraid…Be Your Creative Self

A friend once called me a Renaissance Woman.
I had to look up the meaning
I didn’t know what she was talking about.

Definition: The American Heritage Dictionary,
Renaissance Woman n.
A woman who has broad intellectual interests;
And is accomplished in both the arts and the sciences.

Aren’t we all Renaissance Women?
Our gene pool has made each one of us
To Nurture, Teach,
See beauty in children, the elderly, flowers, a sunrise,
And to heal broken hearts and bodies.
We multi-task, usually missing nothing in our visual field.
And beyond.

Creativity is usually missing in our hearts.
Reclaim your inner sight and really look
At the glorious world around you.
Use your inborn gifts to arrange, solidify and share with others…
This is My Definition of Creativity:
Look and really See…
Hear and really Listen…
Share your insights with others…
The best time of your life is this very moment!
Carole LeRoy, Renaissance Woman, 2013