Chakra Meditation with Lisa

I created this Chakra Meditation for you to do anytime.  I recommend that you meditate daily for at least 10 minutes.

Create a sacred space/altar/power corner in your home with a comfortable pillow or bolster, a candle, statue of a saint, Buddha, etc, flowers…  If you enjoy a cup of tea or warm water with lemon, I recommend nurturing yourself with a warm beverage.  Turn the meditation on and close your eyes.  Surrender and open your heart as it takes in my voice.

Read on and click here for video.

A chakra is an energy organ or energy center.  Wherever you have a joint or a bone to bone connection is a chakra.  They are vortexes or access points where energy, prana, chi or light can flow into you.  You are a music note, you are not a machine.  You are visceral.
Your main Chakra channels runs along your spine. (more to come)