Boundaries for a Badass Beginning to 2017

This feels good and that feels bad!  Which way do you focus.  What energy go you stay around?  You become your environment!  If you find yourself feeling mean and irritable time to take a bath, light a candle and dance.  Say a mantra 100 times a day – “I am a magical person, I am love, I am light.”  Be kind to others no matter what BUT do not allow yourself to be in close contact with toxic energy.  This take power, courage and bravery.  Others will not like it.  It will make them angry.  BUT – you have to take care of you soul your spirit.  Keep Smiling!  See you soon on the yoga mat.  Please reach out if you need support.  I am available for phone consultations and coaching.  Email  Enroll in our Illuminated Soul 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.