bodywork & healing

Table Massage

  • Therapeutic ~ Releases tense muscles, stress and anxiety, increases range of motion & restores balance and a sense of well-being.   Incorporating trigger point therapy, long strokes for relaxation , deep tissue and body mobilization. Essential oils may be used.
  • Prenatal ~ Relieves the discomforts of pregnancy , low back , hips/glutes, shoulders/neck, stress, swelling & fatigue , leg cramps. Each session tailored to individual needs.
  • Postnatal ~ Abdominal work along with relaxation to strengthen and tone your body after childbirth *usually done 6-8 wks postpartum*

Wellness Lifestyle Coaching

  • Weight loss, nutrition, exercise, grief, loss, trauma resolutions life coaching.


  • Gentle, rhythmic pressure along the energy lines of the body, passive assisted stretching , range of motion work and joint compression/decompression.
  • Improves strength & flexibility while relieving physical and mental anguish.
  • Thai Massage is done fully clothed on a Thai mat, allowing for full movement and reach of the therapist. Essential oils too!

Sacred Lomi  

  • Sacred Lomi uses flowing forearm massage, breath-work and sacred touch to create an environment of support and awareness for healing trauma and PTSD.
  • The Hawaiian temple-style healing bodywork allows for a deep healing experience.


  • Helps ease tension and stress, supports the body for healing mentally, emotionally and physically
  • Reiki energy is offered through light non-invasive touch, putting little to no pressure on the client
  • Practitioner will place their hands on or near the clients body in a series of positions allowing the flow of energy and deep relaxation

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