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Divine people & exquisite services recommended by our fearless leader, Lisa Faremouth Weber

Steve Rogne – Zen Shiatsu
Steve is the director of Zen Shiatsu Chicago.

Shawn GriderZen Shiatsu
Shawn is a certified shiatsu practitioner at our donation-based studio in Evanston.

Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz
Mona Lisa is a medical intuitive, offering insight into both a person’s physical condition and the emotional state of his or her life, explaining how the two are linked.

Therese Rowley, Ph.D.
Therese is an intuitive and strategic business consultant offering information to facilitate change and alignment.

Elizabeth M. Patric – Spiritual Healer and Environmentalist: Soul Healings for You and the Earth
Owner of, Author of Flowerspeak: The Flower Whisperer’s Guide to Health, Happiness and Awakening and The Metaphysical Naturalist: Reconnecting in Nature for Healing and Expansion of Consciousness.

Laura Bushnell
Combining ancient magic, alchemy and rituals, Laura conducts life-changing workshops to teach participants how to embrace positive energy & dramatically and rapidly improve their lives.

Andrea GainesHigher Ground Wellness Coaching
Taking small, daily steps through nutrition, movement & mindfulness, you can propel your spirit to live on purpose and create the life you desire.




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Fleuressences Flower Essence/Aromatherapy
Contact Elizabeth @ 800.850.6839 or

Au Pair Care
773. 840-3616

Good Thymz Chef-Tainment
Meal planning, catering, wellness nutrition, culinary services

Marie Parie Boutique

512 Main St. – Evanston, IL. 60202
(847) 492-9094