To Lisa Faremouth Weber – Sat Inder Kaur

I am one of the fortunate ones who joined you on Yoga Day 2009.

A friend recommended your yoga studio to me in November. She suggested I take one of Lisa’s classes. She really liked them and gave no further explanation. What a difference one class makes … you started with your unique yogi karma, in service to others.

The class began with a brief focusing mediation, setting the intention for our practice with the idea that the ‘Age of Aquarius’ is upon us. Reminding us to be thankful for all we do have in our lives, the joys and the struggles. A special healing gel was offered to reduce pain in muscle tissues. Throughout our class, there was a unique flow of enthusiasm and energy. Your words led our practice. Your eyes were used to adjust our postures with care. The practice ended with a mini lavender foot massage and eye pillows were available to relax the eyes during savasana. Many thanks for sharing your Sat Inder Kaur karma. I look forward to returning to your studio and practice yoga soon!

Bettina (Betty) Davey”

I just want to take a minute to say how much Heaven Meets Earth has meant to me over the last year. The environment you have created with decor and attitude is warm and welcoming. The instructors you hire are skilled in teaching the spirit and the body. I look forward to each visit. Heaven Meets Earth has really changed my life.


My entire life, I have been a jogger, long distance runner, weight lifter, high intensity training – and because of this have incurred injuries on a regular basis.  Currently, arthritis, bone spurs, and hip pain, all on the right leg have put me on the side lines for 2 months and it’s very frustrating.  I have walked by the Heaven Meets Earth Studio for years and have felt intrigued by what I saw through the window.  After my latest setback, I knew I was due for a change.

After doing some research, I scheduled a Tai Massage with Lucia Cigan at the studio.  While I’m not a Yoga person and did not know what to expect, Lucia’s kind spirit put me immediately at ease.  She explained what the session was about, what she would be doing, and what I needed to be doing.  As I laid on my back, she keenly observed the pain in my hip.  It has been bothering me for 4 months.  I like when a practitioner is alert to small things like this.
Lucia gently went about assessing, applying pressure, and stretching my body.  She told me I would notice a change in energy and feel good within 24 hours.
I believed her and it worked.  I was pain free for 36 hours for the first time in 4 months.  It is such a relief to know your studio offers such a great opportunity for healing.  I’m excited to return and learn more about what I can do to stay healthy.

Thank you Lisa and Lucia!

Tim Patton

Dear Lisa,
I hope you feel restored after your much-deserved break. I thought I would take a moment and thank you for all the work you do to serve this community of people. You, the people who work at the studio, and all that Heaven Meets Earth stands for have brought so much goodness in to our lives. I feel so fortunate to have found you and so grateful for what you give.

Our sincerest thank you’s!
~Michelle and Jim H.”

Dear Lisa,
Your Saturday morning yoga class is a part of my practice, and it’s also a healing experience. Heading towards this year’s marathon, I was plagued with a sports injury that I was having a hard time moving past. Your class (again) helped me bring my energy centers and grounding back into balance, paving the way to move past a crucial block. It was the most healing gift. A summit of loving energy flows through the sacred spaces at Heaven Meets Earth. I’m grateful for the healers that bring this to our community in such a light-filled place.
In gratitutde, friendship and light,

~Akal Dev Singh”


Dear Lisa,
I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful weekend with Radiant Child Teacher Training. Your beautiful loving hug was such a wonderful way to end the workshop and I feel changed. Thank you for sharing your healing light and energy with me; I have never experienced such a profound feeling of care and love from the simple act of a hug. Even in just the last few hours, I feel a strong sense of being very open and awake, especially within the realm of teaching both my English students and hopefully some future children’s yoga classes!

Thank you and Sat Nam.
Robyn Kocher”

Lisa, I wanted to drop you a note to say “thanks” for hosting the Yoga Camp for kids during the holiday break. Not only did my girls (ages 4 and 6) have a great time, but I think it really helped them (and therefore me) to calm down a bit during the holidays. They came in the days before Christmas, and that’s such an exciting time for kids, but it can be overwhelming, too. After the yoga classes, they certainly had a calmer “sense” about them going into Christmas. When they had trouble sleeping, I had them lay in bed and think about their breathing just like they did in yoga, and I had them relax their body piece by piece, and it really worked!! Signing them up was definitely one of my best decisions during the holidays!!

Thanks again, and Happy New Year!
Kristen Watson”

Lisa –
In January it will be a year since I started taking classes at Heaven Meets Earth — I am so grateful to have such a wonderful yoga community close to home. I am healthier and happier and more creative, thanks to yoga! And thank YOU!


I am a professional speaker, best-selling author and coach on tour in the greater Chicago area. I had the opportunity to take Lisa’s class at Heaven Meets Earth Yoga while in town. It was like water returning to a dry river bed. Having lived in the yoga capitals of Boulder and Fairfield, I am wary of franchise yoga that misses the deeper experience. Her class was spot on. I was able to decompress from the road and return to myself at a deep level. If you have the opportunity to attend Lisa’s class, do it. You will be grateful you did.

– Seth Braun, Best-selling Author, Professional Speaker and Coach


Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated last night’s yoga class.  I was having a pretty crabby day and almost didn’t come to class, but I am so glad I did!  My sinus headache went away, I slept great and woke up refreshed, and my overall mood really lifted.  Not sure exactly what you did, but thank you!!!
Happy blue moon!