7/7/7 meditation

 I am engaged, motivated, stimulated, transformed and inspired by passion and commitment.  When I meet people who are moved to inspired action I feel blessed.  Juan Alzate, our Shamanic Healer at Heaven Meets Earth, is one of those Earth Angels.  Juan shares his wisdom in preparation for his Shamanic Fire Ceremony tonight!  (Special Thank you to John Sacelli for joining us at the Fire Pit on Wednesday night.)
How have the energies of this month treated you?
As we can see all around, the energy is ramping up, the entire Occupy Wall Street movement is just the latest expression of the energy that is rising for all of humanity.
We have come to the time when we can no longer allow indifference and apathy to exist in our lives and that of the world as a whole.  All of these social movements around the globe are occurring inside all of us individually.  With so much change within and all around us, this is the ideal time to find, renew and strengthen the connection within our selves and with our community.
We must find the classes workshops, activities, and groups that will support and ground our energy.  So that we can be present to all that is occurring on our planet right now.
These are truly unprecedented times. Finding our center and nurturing our inner peace will allow us to know deep within that everything will be okay.   What we are finding here at the studio and in my personal practice, is that people are feeling a deep call to change any actions that are in-congruent with their soul’s purpose.The time is now to claim and honor the gifts you came to share with the world, everything else must be put to the side.  We at Heaven Meets Earth are dedicated to creating an evironment condusive to helping you do your inner work, that is so important in these times.

An excersice/meditation that you can do anywhere to reduce stress and promote a general feeling of peace is the 7-7-7-7 breath:
  1. Find a place where you will not be distracted for 5-10min
  2. Assume a comfortable sitting position with your spine erect, as if the top of the head (crown) is being pulled by a string connected to Heaven.
  3. From the base of the body feel a cord that connects into the center of the Earth.
  4. With eyes closed begin breathing in for a count of 7 seconds. As you breath in feel the golden luminous energy of the earth filling your body.
  5. Hold the breath for a count of 7 seconds feeling the golden luminous Earth energy saturating every cell in the body.
  6. Exhale for a count of 7 seconds.  As you exhale feel the white luminous energy of Heaven filling your body.
  7. Hold for a count of 7seconds feeling the white luminous heavenly energy saturating every cell in the body.
  8. Continue this process working your way up to 7 cycles (repeat steps 4-7 seven times, or more if you wish).

At first try to do at least to 3-5 cycles.  When you master this breath which can be done at any time of the day you will find a certain level of peace throughout the day.  It is similar to the feeling you have right when you wake up.  This exercise will surely help get through any hectic day stress free!


If you wish to learn more about other simple to techniques to move energy through the body and experience peace in all of your life come out this Saturday for The Shamanic Full Moon Meditation and Fire Ceremony Oct Sat 15th 6:30p-8:30p :

**Please pre-register by Saturday 6:30pm by phone or online**


What has unraveled for you in the last month? What energies are still lingering in your life keeping you from your heart’s desire? Whatever energies/situations/conditions, present in your life can be shifted through the Full moon meditation and fire ceremony! The first half of the evening will be the meditation portion and we will end the night with the fire ceremony! Come as you are, comfortable clothing and jacket for outside if needed, bring two small branches (for the fire); one for your energy release and another for your spiritual guide, most importantly think about what you most want to heal/release in your life. All are welcomed $20 love donation.. no one will be turned away for lack of funds.. Come celebrate and harness the power of the full moon with us at Heaven Meets Earth and take the time to release that which no longer serves you, so you may be more fully embody the Divine person you really are!