10 Things you must do in 2016

sun-salutation1Each year at this time, I quiet mind it, self-reflect and recommit to you, our community and Heaven Meets Earth Yoga. This year while spending time with my family, I noticed things that touched my soul. I saw parents at a bar late at night with a toddler. The toddler was crying, with a pacifier in his mouth, wanting his bottle that had fallen from his stroller. The toddler was afraid to run and grab his bottle. The mother refused to give him his bottle. I went to the crying child to offer compassion and a smile. The scene tormented me through the night. I can’t save every abused child but I can inspire Mothers to love yourself so you can love your children.

The following evening I discovered a beautiful store with sparkling soulful items. A book I found there had a page in it which said “Uplift yourself by uplifting others.”

Today during the business of the morning, I witnessed a young man sitting crossed legged meditating in town. All of these experiences inspire me to continue doing what I am doing. So here we go again – another year of growth, healing and yoga! But this year will be more fun!

In numerology, the year 2016 is a 9 (2 +0+1+6=9).
We will practice 108 Sun Salutations on New Year’s Day with Lucia at 11am. This is a year of patience and self-mastery. You must have patience and endurance to master anything. We will be dealing with intensities and extremes along with opportunities to make quantum leaps in our own spiritual evolution according to Hari Nam. See her numerology report which I posted on our FB page!

Things to commit to:
1. Rest – you need rest to heal and maintain a strong immune system
2. Yoga Recess – unplug for at least an hour a day.
3. Drink warm water with lemon to aid in digestion.
4. Meditate on Peace, Love & Joy to clarify your energy field.
5. Uplift yourself by uplifting others.
6. The remedy is community – enjoy your friends and family
7. Exercise – 30 minutes minimum daily
8. Receive healing bodywork monthly at least to calm your nervous system.
9. Connect with nature, art, music, animals, etc.
Dream Big and do bigger – actions speak louder than words! Live Juicy!

Thank you for practicing yoga with us in 2015! We are here to support you and your journey of healing and growth in 2016! Schedule a private healing session, yoga or healing bodywork/massage with me, Lucia or anyone of our healers/yoga guides.

Peace & Love,
Sat Inder